about me:

My name is Colton Joseph Coan, but call me Colt. I was born in Chicago, Illinois yet raised in the suburbs of Overland Park, Kansas by my loving parents. I love comedies, good food, and am obsessed with technology. I am a wealth of knowledge when it comes to movie quotes and song lyrics, but I couldn't tell you a thing about baseball. Oh, and I'm a Scorpio, if you're into that kind of thing.

Spending time both traveling the country and in the Kansas City metro area, I try to capture a story of my clients that is uniquely styled and normally unseen through the work of others.  In doing this, I'm honored to have had my work featured in countless publications across 5 different continents, such as Rolling Stone, NBC News, New York Post, Vogue, Billboard, Variety, AOL and countless others. Recently my work has also been seen on the artwork of 2016 album 'Hellelujah' from platinum selling group Drowning Pool.

Whether it's a band on tour, an executive of a Fortune 500 company, or an average joe, I am the photographer who knows how to tell your story. It may be numerous images you're after, or just one. I want to be the guy you rely on all day for that important moment, or the guy you don't even realize is taking the photograph you'll cherish forever. Let me help you tell the story that everybody will wish they were a part of, and no one will forget.